Industrial Supply of Guyana Inc. (I.S.G) became a subsidiary of MACORP on the 1st March 2003 and is the Sole Distributor of National Petroleum (NP) products (which include Ultra lubricants), NAPA Batteries, INTERNATIONAL® Trucks, Parts and Batteries, SEM Machinery, SKF Seals/Bearings, Lincoln Lubrication systems and e-Power Generators in Guyana.

This year marks the 18th anniversary of I.S.G being in existence in Guyana. Over the past eighteen years, I.S.G has actively promoted localization and multicultural integration. Its local employees now account for 98% of the total workforce. Meanwhile, it has created a culture of respect, equality, mutual trust, and collaboration among all levels of employees regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion, and has also promoted the unity of purpose between employees and the company.

Since its establishment in 2003, I.S.G has grown to become one of the premier oil/lubricant companies, and an organization known for its technical and entrepreneurial expertise. This achievement stems not only from the quality of its products but also from its sustained business success as a reliable supplier to the local market. I.S.G enjoys an outstanding reputation as a leader in the field of technology, for its character as a company committed to protecting the natural environment as well as for promoting the interests of its stakeholders, its employees, its customers, and the local communities it serves.

Though we are, of course, proud of our glorious past and present, yet we envisage an, even more, brighter future, which makes us better prepared to continue to be the world’s mainstay of life for many long decades to come. The Company’s future trend will focus on supplying environmentally friendly fuel and building Service Stations. The Company will also continue the development and upgrading of its production capacity; realization of value-added through the building of complementary refining, marketing, and petrochemical industries networks and systems; and by boosting corporate efforts in the development of the private sector to achieve the Company’s commercial objectives in support of the national economy.

The future will hinge on our speed in the development of creative minds that are capable of planning, implementation, production of knowledge, and proactive interaction with the quick-paced changes being witnessed by the world today. We are certain that the future promises great things!

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